Talking to myself about foreign policy, US politics, technology, &c.


Articles for the Fletcher Ledger

As Editor-in-Chief of the Ledger I wrote these with input from my editorial staff.

Place Nice or Go Home
Talking about the lack of civil discourse on controversial Middle Eastern topics, even at Fletcher

Don’t Super-Size Fletcher
Bewailing the inexorable growth in Fletcher’s class sizes

Fluff on how all is not grim and dire in the world

Congress Sells Out on Torture
Raking the Congress over the coals for a legal sanction of torture.


Supreme Quag-Miers
Mocking the Prez for his appointment of the hapless Harriet Miers to join the Supremes

Counterpoint: Or Not to Torture
On that boring old “anti-torture” hobby-horse again. Yes, this was part of a point-counterpoint.

Not, er, humorous, but one has to try.

Dick Cheney’s Most Dangerous Game
A riff on how the Vice President of the United States “peppered his friend pretty good”

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