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One step sideways, one step forwards

DC today voted 11-2 to permit gay marriage in the District. I like my new homeland. (Voting no: Marion Barry, who opposes it on moral grounds. *Snicker*)

Meanwhile, the New York Senate voted in a shockingly lopsided tally to oppose gay marriage. I do not like the Empire State.

There’s been so much change on this issue over the last year that it’s hard to divine any real trends. Maine, and CA a year ago, were a real kick in the teeth. At the same time, all the polling and trends go in the right direction, and once a state approves gay marriage – and the good citizens realize that disasters of biblical proportions do not result – it is there to stay.

This will be the work of years, but we will get there. I would bet that by 2025 the Supreme Court will find restrictions on any two people choosing to get married to be unconstitutional, wiping prohibitions out in the states where they still exist, presumably the deep south.

Easy enough for the straight white guy to say, it will happen. And at some point we will train our children to be ashamed that America was ever homophobic.

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