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Wok the Dog

A pair of Kiwi researchers suggested that we would be better off not having dogs and cats due to their carbon footprint. Instead we should raise pigs and rabbits, love them, welcome them into our homes and hearts, and then eat them. Presumably you could do the same with your canine companions, but that wasn’t mentioned as an option.


This reminds me of a similar idea someone had once. Now, what was that

The researchers suggest that a typical dog has as much impact on the environment as an SUV.

[As an aside, I find this incredible. Dogs don't have to be manufactured out of parts assembled from around the world. They do not burn fossil fuels extracted from the ground under thuggish governments. Dog chow largely consists of food byproducts we weren't about to eat anyway. But let's concede the point.]

There is at times a puritanical obsession in the quest to have a zero-impact lifestyle. The only way to really do that would be for all of us to switch back to subsistance farming off the land. As long as we didn’t overgraze with our evil goats.  Or deplete the soil and leading to the collapse of our civilization. Or drain our aquifers

Misguided, in my mind. Yes, we should try and moderate our impact to the extent possible. But I like living in the 21st century. I am fortunate that I’ve  been able to ride around in huge, polluting jets. I’m really fortunate to have had a beautiful dog who was a wonderful part of my life.

While we should make lifestyle changes, we want to retain as much of the benefits of what we have as we can. Instead, we need to squeeze more efficiency out of what we do.

I’ll write up some thoughts on that next time.

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