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Breaking: Conservative Pundit Has Valid Point on Iran

The Grey Lady seems to have made a decent choice in their new winger columnist, Ross Douthat.

Writing on Iran he makes a number of astute historical points by way of talking about something I’ve noted before – an economic crisis is bad news for dictatorships. Battered by sanctions and without $100/bbl oil, Iran is not doing well financially. Freedom may be a luxury good – people who are starving are more concerned about their lunch box than the ballot box – but for a more advanced, well educated society if the economy takes a nasty turn into decrepitude there’s gonna be a looot of latent frustration.

Couple that with the fact that they had an opportunity to voice their preferences – and then had them bulldozed. Taking to the streets is then left as their only option. Dangerous times.

Weirdly Douthat observes that Obama’s plans – for health care, etc – are not actually the second coming of Trotsky. A sensible debating position that does not start with the assumption that my people are out to destroy the world? I might actually have to listen to him.

Of course, he’s sometimes a bit stupid, too.

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