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Rin Tin Tin v. Al Gore

That corpulent embodiment of corruption Denny Hastert was lecturing Al Gore about Econ 101 in the ex-Veep’s first trip to Capitol Hill since he certified Bush’s election.

Rin Tin TinAl Gore(Incidentally, that particular element is what gives the whole 2000 debacle the ultimate element of pathos to me. It would make a great climax for a play.)

After bloviating for a while, Hastert said “Now that you’re a movie star…”

Gore shot back “Rin Tin Tin was a movie star. I’m just a guy with a slide show.”

I liked that.

Anyway, check out Grist’s summary of Gore’s recommendation for climate change legislation. They’re very bold, even radical. They don’t have a snowball’s shot in 22nd century Florida of enactment. They’re awesome.

This will shift the conversation significantly. Fantastic to see some way-out-there positions entering the political debate; it’ll shift all the other choices significantly to the left.

Spotted thru my beloved Kevin Drum.

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