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Civilization IV: Fun

Perhaps the post on techno-totalitarianism was a bit too negative and thinking about celeb tongues too weird. To cheer you up, I offer this advice:

Go buy Sid Meier’s Civilization IV for your computer platform of choice. It’s fun.

For those who know the previous iterations, Civ IV is exactly the same with purtier graphics.
For you unfortunates new to the series, Civ is a fantastically compelling game where one leads a society from the dawn of civilization (you, sticks, stones, occasional pumas to fight) up until modern day (you, nuclear missiles, the rest of the world to destroy).

The nuance of the game is the trade offs that a leader must make. Guns v. Butter is only the beginning of it. Get all French-y and push culture and attract others by your Nye-style soft power? Fund your science boffins such that your technological wizardry will enable you to control the world? Just crush your enemies with chariots, or wait and do it with Marines?

Oh, one final comment: another answer to Fermi’s question is that eventually virtual worlds become so compelling and fun that one has no need or desire to function in the real one. After getting this in the first part of January, this theory made a lot more sense to me.

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