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To be Franken, it’s Not a Good Idea

So Al Franken’s running for US senate. Not too surprising, as he’s been very publicly considering this for years. He’s smart, he’s liberal, he’s got good name recognition.

I think it’s a terrible idea.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Franken. Except he’s a pundit. That means he stakes out extreme rhetorical positions. And he’s a comic pundit. A comic pundit with a weight problem. A rotund comic pundit who hasn’t spent much time in MN for years.

So we have a chubby extremist carpetbagging comic pundit running for the Senate.

Color me crazy, but I don’t think he’s going to fly.

He’s going to be impossible to take seriously and easy to demonize. Jesse Ventura was able to turn his notoriety to good use, but that was an eon ago – and look how it turned out. (For those who weren’t paying attention: not well.)

Senators are supposed to be, er, Senatorial. Norm Coleman, for his many flaws and missing-in-action spine, does have that.

‘Course, if Franken can make us all laugh, maybe we’ll follow him anywhere.

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