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How do you spell chutzpah again?

A piece on Bush’s first sweet-talking of Pelosi, et al. from CNN: Bush, Democrats spar on spending, taxes

There’s some real gems in there, but the best is the canard that Dems are the fiscal problem. Now that those tax-and-spend Democrats are back in power, it’s gonna be non-stop deficit-busting orgy of new government outlays.

Except that with a one-party lock on government, disastrous tax cuts, and a incontinent congress that can’t control its spending, govt spending increased 25 percent* under Bush’s watch. Well done.

And he’s got a plan to balance the budget by 2012. Nice. Especially since it was, you know, balanced when he got his hands on it.

At the same time, Democrats are supposed to avoid the urge to “pass bills that are simply political statements.” Right. How about flag burning, gay bashing, or steroids in baseball? Or poor Terry Schaivo? I’d suggest that instead Democrats pass bills that are useful – like a massive increase in the minimum wage. Which is, of course, the “political statement” he’s attacking.

“Time to set aside politics”? Nice try, George. After 6 years of outrageous scorched-earth Rovian tactics, it’s gonna take a bit of your own medicine. The difference is this actually will be good for the country.

Another great idea: “In Wednesday’s article, he reiterated his position that U.S. forces must stay in Iraq until the attacks by insurgents end.” Since there are people there who will attack Americans because they’re there, that means we’ll be leaving – let me check the calendar – never.

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