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New Economist Blogs – two thumbs down.

My favorite news-weekly, the inimitable Economist, has a new set of blogs, including US domestic politics and general economics.

I don’t like them.

The great thing about the Economist is their condescending, pretentious, more-brilliant-than-thou attitude. Coupled with their excellent analysis and fantastic writing, it works. The oracular voice is amplified by the lack of bylines, encouraging blind worship which I usually blindly give.

The problem is that they still write this way on their blog. And if you’re going to be an insufferable know-it-all, you really should, er, know everything about which you speak. And when you blog, you usually don’t have the time to pull it off.

When they write regarding unaffordably high insurance premiums “But what about the poor? It is hard to see any reason why insurance companies should subsidize them” it demonstrates an ridiculously blinkered ivory-tower economist’s point of view. Their analysis of American politics is thin and conventional, and particularly infuriating with their disdain for Democrats, despite the shellacking they just gave the Republicans.

So subscribe to the magazine, but not to the RSS feeds.

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