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Let this cup pass from me…

At long last, the World Cup madness is over. Thank goodness. Now maybe I can watch CNN without the constant impositions of bepainted drunken fans rioting in favor of their local team. As a proud American, I refuse to find soccer interesting. I was vindicated by last night’s matchup; another game of the Best in the World that goes down to a last minute shootout. It’s like a chess consistently ending in a draw and being determined by thumbwrestling tiebreakers. Classy move by the French captain, though.

The experience of watching the game was a whole lot more interesting than the game itself. Kyrgyzstan is about as far from fielding a world-class soccer team as they are from the great blue whales, but that didn’t stop them from really getting into it. The game was at midnight our time, and we gathered with a few hundred folks in a local square where they broadcast the game on a huge screen. The fans were rowdy and a bit tipsy in general; I’d imagine there was a lot of folks who weren’t too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.

There seemed to be a pretty even split between supporters of France and Italy with a slight lean to the later, but that might have been influenced by the really drunk and increasingly horse guy behind me who every 20-30 seconds would scream “Italia! Italia!”

The center of town looked like an eclipse had hit at noon; the popular gamburger stand was as busy as it ever has been, and the street cigarette vendors were doing a brisk trade. No shoro unfortunately. After the game the celebrating went long into the night, judging by the sounds from the street below our window.

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